Get Out The Vote

Beto for Senate

I met Beto’s social media manager at a wedding and the next week I had a drive on my doorstep, loaded with footage from the campaign trail. He asked me to cut together a 30 second spot encouraging people to go vote. So I got to work.

This was my favorite edit of 2018. To be able to use my skills to promote democracy was a dream come true.

Featured on Beto’s socials as well as on TVs all over Texas for Beto O'Rourke's 2018 Senate run in Texas.



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Justice Democrats

Who are the Justice Democrats? This video is a quick and empowering introduction to JD and their cause. AOC and founder Alexandria Rojas talk about the organization’s beginnings and their goals for 2020.

For Justice Democrats.

Beto’s Climate Plan

Beto has an ambitious climate plan to help stop the devastating march of climate change. I was proud to work on Beto’s Climate Plan Announcement video that helped spread awareness about his plan to fight climate change.

For Beto’s 2020 presidential campaign.

AOC in 2020

Who does AOC want to be president in 2020? Watch this video and find out her thoughts. A short social snippet for AOC’s social media channels.

For @AOC’s social media channels.

Let’s Get to Work with Clark Gregg

Swing Left

Before the midterm elections I was feeling a daily anxiety about America’s future. I had to do something. So I reached out Swing Left, an organization that helps Democratic candidates get elected nationwide, to see if I could lend my skills. Turns out they had a backlog of videos and needed an editor ASAP.

I helped assemble this cut with Marvel’s very own Agent Coulson (aka Clark Gregg) encouraging voters in North Carolina to ‘Get Out To Vote!’

Featured on the social media of Swing Left and Clark Gregg, the man himself.


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