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Making Partner

Episodic Series

Making Partner is a 7-part comedic series about what it feels like to be a woman in the workplace. When you’re working twice as hard for half the recognition, what are you supposed to do? Get revenge, obviously.

Watch the entire series here.

Winner of Best Show and Best Directing at the 2018 Incredibly Prestigious Channel 101 Awards.

Featured on the front page of WhoHaha, who wrote:

"Watch co-writers/co-stars KP Parker and Monica Loomba as they destroy Brad in this first episode of the hilarious web series Making Partner. We’re obsessed with this show, so apologies in advance for basically forcing you to watch every episode and ruining your productivity. Seriously, watch them here."


Street Cleaning

Episodic Series

Everyone has a parking ticket horror story. Parking enforcement officers are practically modern day villains. But what does that parking enforcement officer go through everyday? What if they are pushed to their limits?

Watch the entire series here.

Winner of Best Editing at the 2016 Incredibly Prestigious Channel 101 Awards.

Longest running 1st Place show in Channel 101 history.


2 Tumblrs and a Lie

Game Show

I got the opportunity to direct and edit a pilot episode of a game show created by Tumblr. Unfortunately the show did not get made into a full series, but it was still really fun to make something that felt very ~O N L I N E~ (◠‿◠✿)

As the pilot was not released, please only enjoy and not share.


Daddy’s Boys

Short Film

A date gets weird when she meets his family.

Premiered at the 42nd Cleveland International Film Festival.

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Coming Soon

Wrong Guy

Short Film

A kidnapping goes really really wrong.

A new short film. If you’d like to see this before it’s public, contact me.




86 The Mayo Skyler Duf

A young woman auditions for the role of her dreams.

Premiered at Silversonic Music Video Festival in Boston, MA

The Investment J. Cannon

Watch your back.

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