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Comedy Sketch

Absolutely insane sketch I edited for Awesomeness.tv. Directed by the supremely talented Jason Perlman. Stars ex-Viner/current YouTuber/teen dreamboat(?), his boy Cam, and a couple of beauty vloggers. It’s crazy, just watch it.

Originally posted on Nash Grier's YouTube channel with over 4 million views.


Fake Oscar Prank

Viral Video

Have you ever imagined what it'd be like to be an Oscar winner? Me too. On Oscar night, we dressed a guy up in a tuxedo and gave him a souvenir statue and sent him down Hollywood Blvd to see if people thought he’d won an Oscar. You won’t believe what he got away with. (Seriously you won’t.)

Featured on Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, Perez Hilton, The Wrap, Huffington PostCollege Humor, MTV, front page of Reddit, YouTube Popular page, and of course World Star Hip Hop.



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“Call Center”

Case Study

Created for a viral marketing stunt for the video game Hitman 2, this case study shows the intense planning and logistics that went into the Hitman 2 Call Center.

Produced for WB Interactive Entertainment and Digital Media Management.


Street Cleaning

Episode 5

Here is my favorite episode of Street Cleaning. Perfect blend of drama and dark comedy and weirdness that Nick and I were striving for when we created this show for Channel 101. I directed and edited all the episodes of Street Cleaning. Watch the full series here.

Voted #1 in the month of January in 2017. Awarded Best Editing at the Channel 101 Awards.


Political Videos

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